Daniel Johnson – Elite Coach

An experienced personal trainer who specialises in padwork and functional training

DOB: 23/07/1975

Birthplace: Kingston upon Thames

I’ve been working in the fitness industry for over 15 years & have been personal training for well over 10 years. I love that my role enables me to help people reach, maintain & exceed their fitness goals.


  • Padwork
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Sport specific training
  • Functional training
  • High intensity interval training
  • Kettle-bell training
  • Postural assessment & corrective exercise
  • Weight management


  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Ricky Hatton Academy Boxing For Fitness coach
  • Certificate in Sports Coaching
  • Postural Assessment & Corrective Exercise Training
  • Certificate in Kettlebell Training
  • Advanced Nutrition For Weight Management
  • Nutrition award

Personal Background

After suffering a severe arm injury as a young man, Daniel thought his training days were over. Advised to forget about most upper body orientated sports, he spent the next few years doing almost no exercise at all. After 4-5 years it was all becoming too much – so he said ‘what the hell‘ and started training again.

Daniel joined a gym and, among other things, painfully worked on strengthening his injured arm – all whilst working a 9-5, ‘suit & tie‘ job. Though it was arduous, he gradually started making progress. His colleagues noticed this progress and started asking Daniel for advice on how they could improve their own fitness.

One such colleague recognised his passion and skill for helping people exercise and asked if he’d ever considered doing it for a living. As Daniel says, “it felt like a bright light had just been switched on” and with that he promptly handed in his notice – beginning a fruitful career in health & fitness.

Years later, Daniel still very much enjoys helping people take their first steps into a fitness environment, as well as working with the seasoned gym veterans!

From a young age Daniel possessed a strong interest in martial arts. He searched for the most effective style of stand up fighting and found himself drawn towards Thai boxing.

Daniel has a real passion for teaching a Thai style of striking the pads. Thai boxing utilises the 8 weapons of the body, which are 2 fists, 2 shins, 2 elbows, and 2 knees. It is a very efficient & powerful form of striking. Training on the pads can help to improve your balance, coordination, agility, speed, and power. It is also very rewarding mentally as it is fantastic for peace of mind, de-stressing, and creating a great sense of accomplishment.

With this style of training, Daniel has worked with a broad range of clients from complete novices to fighters preparing to compete. Even if you’ve never thrown a punch and never intend to fight you can still greatly benefit from the mental and physical gains from padwork. In terms of improving your all round fitness, he believes it is second to none.

Daniel is also a qualified spin instructor but can’t find the certificate to prove it. This doesn’t both him, since he has no desire to teach spin. Other misplaced qualification certificates include one for ‘Exercise For Special Populations’ and a few more that he can’t recall at the moment.

So, why not see what this kind of training can do for you? Book Daniel for that first step in your new health and fitness regime. You won’t look back!