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Last year at the BodyPower exhibition I competed at POTW live and when I did not get called back, I was gutted and disheartened but from that experience I knew I needed to get bigger and leaner and come back next year to show off my new improved physique. Therefore post competition I slammed the food into me and I grew at a rapid rate of knots, while starting to play football to make cardio more interesting and keeping fat gains to a minimum.


All was going well, I was hitting PB’s in the gym, I was fit and healthy. Then in October I injured my ankle playing football. No worries, my legs are a strong point and I could focus on weaker areas in my upper torso. Then in November I injured my wrist which put me totally out of training for 6 weeks over the Christmas period.

Mentally I struggled with this as the gym is my release and I love to train. So physically I turned to food to fill the void in my life. Before I knew it I was 104kg and not in a good way.

New year new approach, I spoke to Dan and come the last week of January we set the goal of getting back to where I was come September with the chance of competing. At a rough guess I would say I was 24/25% body fat and hadn’t weight trained properly in 8 weeks.

Getting prepped to compete at the BodyPower exhibition this year was going to be a major challenge as I was still receiving physiotherapy on my wrist and my ankle so my training was not 100% therefore my diet had to be.

To begin with I was on around 3,800 cals with 1 cardio session a week. From there we gradually brought my cals down while maintaining 1 cardio session a week, letting the diet do the work and I was leaning up fast.

Then I hit another setback come the end of February with pushing my wrist and my ankle too hard and had to take another two weeks rest. The BodyPower exhibition stage was getting further away not closer.

But I had promised to myself and my sponsor, that I was competing and luckily mike and Leica Gelsi arranged a ukbff competition the week after the expo. This was still going to be a challenge but 7 days can make a huge difference.

Come the end of March, my training and diet totally challenged from the norm which was a shock physically and mentally but Dan was always there to support me and keep me on the straight and narrow. My sponsor Serious Sports Nutrition supported me with all my supplement needs which are inevitable during your preparation for a show.

From here on in it came down to the grind. Personally I struggle with back fat and naturally have wide obliques. So competing in the physique class which is all about waist to shoulder ratio, I just had to show how big I was. Cardio was upped to 3/4 sessions a week but no fasted or hour long sessions just 15-20 minutes post workout and weight training was at higher rep ranges and not focusing on breaking down the muscle fibres.

April pretty much passed me by and may is when the feelings began to kick. I was nervous, excited, tired but I was getting into the best shape of my life. And I was rewarded with a magazine feature. Everyone who likes to keep fit, goes to the gym, or plays a sport, reads a magazine specific to their goals and I’m sure as I did, would love to feature in one.

Bleddyn Escott mens fitness

A week later was the day I had been waiting for, for a year and I was ready. I was over the moon with my physique and even though Dan wasn’t there physically due to a holiday, wish words he had said to me a few days rung true and focused me.

Stepping on stage isn’t for everyone and it is a big deal. And everyone who does is a winner, simply because there is a big difference from lifting weights and dieting and doing competition prep. The whole prep was an experience and I’m glad I completed it. I did enjoy it but it also put a lot of pressure on me, most of it from myself but I was given feedback and it’s time to grow and get back to the type of training I enjoy.

The main thing that changed through the whole experience is my view on food. Dan wanted me to start the prep on flexible dieting but I was dead against it as I am a man of routine but my relationship with good changed and now I follow a totally flexible diet and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

The plan now is to reverse diet and grow and I know that Dan will be there all the way.

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