What can i say about this transformation so far… just epic! Rodney has been working with LCF coach Darren Farrell for 8 weeks now and has totally transformed his lifestyle, health and physique. Darren has done a fantastic job with Rodney, but we can’t take anything away from Rodney’s hard work and dedication here. Just inspirational!

So far Rodney has lost over 13kg in 8 weeks. I’m posting this earlier than usual due to the fact that Rodney had a specific goal in mind when starting with LCF; and that was to break the 100kg barrier. Although i’m not a huge fan of having a weight specific goal, this was something that was clearly important to Rodney and i’m so happy to say that while working with Darren for the past 8 weeks he has just broken that amazing milestone and now clocking in at under 99kg!


Rodney sent me the most touching message the other day which he has given me permission to share with you all – so amazing.

Hi Dan

I just wanted to personally thank you and Darren for helping me achieve an impossible goal that i set 18 months ago. As you know it was your article that started my journey when i was 125.8kg and to achieve my goal of getting under 100kg with your company is something that will stay with me forever.

When i signed up to LCF and didn’t get you as my coach to say i was disappointed would be an understatement but i got a man who has be my lucky 4 leaf clover, Darren Farrell is a great man and like yourself a mentor that i admire and look up too. At the start i annoyed the shit out of him but he responded to every email and told me that’s what he is there for and to continue annoying him “the man is a legend”.

But mate i would never of achieved these results without you i never wanted to let you down. I never skipped a session, never stopped a minute early on the cardio, never stopped short of a set or a rep, never ate anything that i wasn’t allowed. The results speak volumes.
I will continue with my program for the remaining couple of weeks and then there are more goals that need to be accomplished and with the help of LCF my journey will continue and more goals to smash.

One day i will meet Mr Daniel Wheeler and Mr Darren Farrell its on my wish list but until that day i will continue to promote LCF and to change my life for the better.

Train harder than anyone in the gym, eat well and surround yourself with positive people

LCF rocks you guys don’t just change peoples fitness you literally change peoples live’s

As always stay awesome

As you can imagine, receiving this made my weekend and cements what we do here at LCF actually changes peoples lives. God i love my job…. but without epic clients like Rodney and epic coaches like Darren, none of what we do here at LCF is possible.

Well done pal and i cant wait to show everyone you next update.

Know it, Feel it, Live it



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