I wanted to take the time to publicly give a review/testimonial on Phil Learney’s Advanced Nutritional Strategies seminar that I went to on Saturday last week.

Phil learney Advanced Nutritional Strategies

The day started off with me and a good friend of mine, Zac Fotheringham, making our way to London for an early 9am start at the Hitlon Hotel in London, where Phil was hosting the event.

Walking into the hotel lobby you instantly got an idea of the standard/quality of things that were to follow. You don’t host an event at a place like this for a teletubbies show – that’s for sure.  The hotel décor was sharp and the staff were really helpful and professional. Considering there were a mix of 200 meat heads & bunny boilers floating around, the hotel was still very well organised. More a reflection of the attendees as much as the staff to be fair too.

Zac and I arrived at about 8:45… you know, wanting to get a front row ‘teacher’s pet’ seat. However, we clearly didn’t take into account how much 200 people actually were! The place was PACKED…. We should have got there at 8am to get a decent seat in hindsight. However, this really wasn’t too much of an issue for a few reasons: –

  1. We had already orchestrated 2 reserved seats with some fellow fitness friends who got there before us and near the front too.
  2. The venue catered for two HUGE 50” TVs that were situated half way down the room for people who sat nearer to the back.

We sat down and amongst the midst of 200 other fellow coaches/athletes/trainers you could easily spot familiar faces. Some unfamiliar faces who were clearly new to the industry and some key respected faces too. Either way, we were all there for the same reason… to learn more and be more awesome! It was really great to see the young new trainers there too – not only did it show professional commitment on their part to want to learn more, but it really showed that they were genuinely interested in wanting to be better trainers for their clients! It as also humbling to see the more seasoned professionals there too – the kind who aren’t arrogant enough to assume they know it all and still happy/willing/wanting to know more and more.

“The day you stop learning is the day you die” –  Never a truer word said.

9am chimed on my watched and the seminar kicked off. Phil was at the front with a funky headset/mic on to present to the crowd. Wearing his ‘Be an Athlete’ branded clothing and looking bigger than ever, he began to introduce himself, the outline of the day and the usual health and safety crap that the hotel requires you to go through. For a man in his 40’s, he’s in incredible shape – a testament and validation of what was about to be presented, that’s for sure!

The knowledge started to instantly flow…

We were almost drowned with detail (in a good way) on all aspects of the content topics, ranging from: –

  • Hormones & their roles in fat loss
  • Insulin resistance/sensitivity
  • Carb cycling
  • Testosterone
  • Estrogen
  • Ghrelin
  • Thyroid functions
  • Stress and its effect on fat loss
  • GH output
  • Digestive system & its core primary focus
  • Gut health/leaky gut
  • Supplements
  • HIIT vs LISS and when to use it
  • Somatotypes
  • ….the list goes on and on, really!

For me personally this is the type of content i thrive on! I just love the stuff – the science, the facts and the detail. I could literally listen to Phil speak all day…. well, we did!

For each topic/section Phil would go into the history and background of each. He would credit and reference other scientist’s views and findings and also add in his interpretation and opinions. The latter being incredibly detailed and important for the majority in the room, as its Phil’s background and experience that we were all trying to tap into.

One thing that was evident from the day is that Phil doesn’t fuck about when it comes to detail and facts. Every topic was pulled apart to be questioned, not only by us but also him. He even allowed us to gain a glimpse of how Phil’s mind-set has changed on a few things over the years – something that I give a lot of respect for, as there are just too many people who refuse to change their minds on things these days, mainly out of pride or spite. Yet, Phil was able to explain why things change and how science was able to give us new perspectives on and change the way we thought about it…

An example of this would be ‘fasted cardio’, its origins and why it’s not necessarily the best “fat burning” form of exercise. He theorised that fasted cardio originated from the 70’s & 80’s when body building was becoming a real industry and a LOT of assisted body builders were doing fasted cardio and found that they burnt a lot of fat whilst keeping muscle mass. Obviously, on reflection, it has nothing to do with the fact that the cardio was fasted or not – it was down to the amount of added testosterone in their system that was aiding in keeping the muscle and the total energy expenditure just increased to equal added fat loss. Over time, these body builders would become coaches and these methods would be passed down to assisted and non-assisted (natural) athletes. The question was then asked “is the fact that the cardio is fasted matter, or is it just the total daily calorie expenditure that is important?” – we concluded the latter and the data then followed to back this up. This is not to say that fasted cardio doesn’t have its place, but its certainly not the “magic fat burner” we all think it is…

So, next time you see a “natural” body builder doing hours and hours of fasted cardio while getting bigger and bigger… just ask why 😉

The day progressed with various coffee breaks and a lunch break. There was a variety of drinks on offer and all the amenities you could need were within walking distance. You really got the sense that this seminar was not only well planned and thought out, but I got the impression that Phil was creating a standard in seminar presenting. I’ve been to a few seminars over the years and this was by far the most informative and well organised one to date. I’d have to give it a solid 10 out of 10. There just wasn’t a single part of the day I could focus on to be critical about…

HOLD ON! YES THERE IS! How could I forget this…

There was a gentleman behind me, who sneezed and I’m pretty sure he didn’t cover his mouth with his hand as I felt the breeze hit the back of my neck! This was just outrageous and I’d like a full refund please Phil! 😉

On the topic of money, it’s only fair that I review the cost of the seminar too – £175.00

Yep, £175.00 of my hard earned cash went into Phil’s pocket for this day. On the face of it, you may think this is expensive! However, having already been to Phil’s seminars before, I didn’t even hesitate to pay this much for a days’ worth of his knowledge. You can attend other coaches seminars for less and get some great knowledge. However, until you are ready to really grow as a coach/trainer/business then you simply have to invest in the highest possible quality. Phil’s knowledge and experience is not comparable with anyone else I’ve had the pleasure of meeting yet.

Yes, £175 is not a small amount of money – however the ROI on the knowledge and what you can pass onto your clients is worth at LEAST 10x that. I’m serious!

Let’s face it, if you are able to absorb and apply the knowledge on a seminar like this, then you can increase your clients progression , goals and achievements which ultimately will grow your business faster and further.

To conclude – If you are passionate and serious about nutrition and improving your own knowledge as well as your client services, then Phil’s seminars are a must! You will learn more on a day like this than ANY standard PT qualification in nutrition – that I can assure you.

Check out for more information on his seminars.

Know it, Feel it, Live it

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