RECIPE – Rice Cracker ‘Wheeler-Heaven’ topper

So last night I made my BEST rice cake topper mix to date. This was pure guilt free luxury!

This was designed to be a high carb, high protein and low fat snack. The only reason for it to be low fat because i used up my fat allowance earlier in the day 😉

This snack took all of 2 mins to prepare!

Recipe – Rice Cracker ‘Wheeler-Heaven’ topper

This makes up about 10 rice cake toppings. I will simply keep the mix in a fridge and use the rest throughout the week. I consumed 3 of these bad boys last night, so it wont last long! haha!

  • 200g Banana
  • 100g Optimum Nutrition Chocolate 100% Whey Protein
  • 50g Porride Oats

THATS IT! Genius huh!

  • Take the bananas and mash with a fork.
  • Mix in the porridge and whey until you get a thick mix
  • Take mix and spread onto rice cracker. Simples!

Macros (excluding rice cake) for the whole mix

  • Fat = 8g
  • Carbs = 90g
    • Of which sugars = 25
  • Protein = 86g
  • Fibre = 11g
  • Total calories = 754kcal

Thats 75kcal per rice cake. Put this on a Kallo plain rice cake and its ONLY a 105kcal snack! 0.8g of fat, 9g carbs & 8.6g protein per rice cake.

Now thats MY kind of snack! Honestly… this tasted incredible! I’m not just saying this, it was truly delicious. Nothing in it for me to lie to you… go and make this now and leave a comment to tell me just how amazing this is!

Know it, Feel it, Live it

Rice cracker wheeler heaven topper




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