So, as part of the prep i now have a prowler sprint set as a weekly routine and i have to say I LOVEEEEEEE IT!

Gruelling, agony, exhausting and beyond tough are just a few words i would use to describe it. Its awesome!

Attached is my HR output for the session and below is the outline of what we did. If you have access to a gym that has one of these, then DO IT – you’ll hate every second of it, in a good way 😉

50 mins
920 kcal output
MAX HR = 184
Average HR = 154
Total sets of max output = 12

I was very pleased to hit 184 max HR. Hitting over 180 on all working sets was a good result.


ALL SETS ARE PUSHING AND PULLING THE PROWLER BACK TO THE START – So a 25m spring includes a 25m pull back. 50m total

Warm up sets:
2 x 50m push/pulls with 25kg

Working sets:
2 x 50kg x 50m push/pulls

2 x 75kg x 50m push/pulls

2 x 100kg x 50m push/pulls

1 x 125kg x 50m push/pulls

1 x 150kg x 50m push/pulls

1 x 175kg x 50m push/pulls

1 x 200kg x 50m push/pulls

75kg x 25m push/pull SUPERSET 75kg x50m push/pull – as fast as you can.
10minutes of foam rolling at the end as i couldn’t feel my quads. After last nights leg session, this was a real mental session as much as a physical session.

Know it, Feel it, Live it

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