Upper Hypertrophy Plan by TheLeanMachines

Upper Hypertrophy Plan by TheLeanMachines


Welcome to the Life Changing Upper Hypertrophy Plan by TheLeanMachines

This the upper body hypertrophy phase of this plan concentrates much more on your ability to build muscle & works hand in hand with the other strength phases of this plan.

There are 3 main rules we have used in this plan to help you get the most from your workout and build the most amount of muscle.

Tempo you will see a group of numbers in brackets next to your reps like this (3-0-1-0) this is your tempo. The first number 3 represents how many seconds you spend on the eccentric motion or the lowering phase of the movement, like the bar coming towards your chest on a bench press. This is normally the highest number as it’s when your muscles are under the most amount of tension. Next the 0 represents how many seconds your pause at the bottom of the move. The 1 is how long you take in the concentric phase like pushing the bar away in the bench press. The last 0 represents how long you pause at the top of the rep.

2. Continuos tension meaning try not to pause and break so for example with the bench press don’t lock out and stop at the top just keep that bar moving and feel the chest burn.

3. Technique make sure you use strict form and avoid swinging in your bicep curls for example and really use the cues we have written on how to maximally shorten and or lengthen muscles.

This plan is ideal if you are looking to build muscle and work hard for it. It uses some more advanced methods and training like super sets but still it’s achievable for everyone you just adjust your weights accordingly.

TheLeanMachines (John Chapman and Leon Bustin)

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  • 2014: ISSN-SNS
  • 2014: Over 150k Youtube subscribers & 6.8 million views.
  • Featured in Mens Fitness July edition.
  • Featured in TheSun news paper
  • Featured in The Evening Standard
  • Featured in Now Magazine
  • Featured IN The Observer

John Chapman and Leon Bustin are best friends, Personal Trainers and YouTubers from Norwich. Their whole ethos is to bring a little more fun to the fitness world & making it approachable to everyone where ever they are along their own fitness journey.

Leon says;

“Having worked within the industry for 6years now l have met so may people who are fearful of training and also fearful of the professionals training them. My aim is to help everyone to feel comfortable within  the training environment and give them the body they want and enjoy, with plenty of laughs and HARD WORK along the way.”

John also says;

“There is a lot of conflicting advice out there and we aim to give solid advice to the masses, with a little bit of fun along the way. I doesn’t always have to be so complicated and not everyone wants that”

All workout plans come with: –

  • Full exercise detailes
  • Desired rep range and set targets
  • YouTube videos of every exercise so you know exactly how to do them
  • Tips on form & technique
  • Exclusive discount for other plans
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