Shredded Shoulders Plan by Leigh Desmond

Shredded Shoulders Plan by Leigh Desmond


Welcome to the Life Changing Fitness Shredded Shoulders Plan by Leigh Desmond

When training I like to train the larger muscle groups on their own, reason being I will hit them harder. I find this session awesome for getting a pump on the shoulders, and use it when cutting. The high volume rep sets are followed by lower rep sets, reason being after high volume sets the muscle has/should have been pushed to hypertrophy, after a rest period, the muscle is then hit with a lower rep count, and so on!

This workout has been designed by professional athlete Leigh Desmond.

Twitter – @LeighDez
Instagram – @LeighDez

Leigh is a 26 year old Firefighter and Personal Trainer from Cork, Ireland.

Training with about 8 years, motivation behind it has always been, work my ass off and focus on my weak points to become the absolute best version of me I can be, and if in doing that I can inspire others to do the same, and change their lives for the better, that would be fantastic. I’ve mainly focused on photo-shoots the past year or so, currently a few decisions to make in the next few months regarding my next goal, the beauty of the fitness industry is, the possibilities are endless – if your willing to work hard enough!


  • USN Sponsored Athlete/Ambassador
  • Team Promixx
  • Qualified PT and Nutritionist

All workout plans come with: –

  • Full exercise detailes
  • Desired rep range and set targets
  • YouTube videos of every exercise so you know exactly how to do them
  • Tips on form & technique
  • Exclusive discount for other plans
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