HIIT & Abs Plan by TheLeanMachines

HIIT & Abs Plan by TheLeanMachines


Welcome to the Life Changing HIIT & Abs Plan by TheLeanMachines

This phase of this plan concentrates much more on your fitness and fat burning as well as your abs.

We have choose High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as increases your fitness rapidly, has the potential to use less muscle as fuel than LISS cardio and doesn’t take as long because no one really enjoys cardio, do they?

Jokes aside it’s a really awesome tool to use to lose body fat but you have to work at 100% effort to get the most from it.

It also creates EPOC Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption which basically means you can carry on burning calories long after your session has finished.

We finish this session plan off with some abdominal work because a strong looking 6 pack looks awesome in our opinion.

We see people doing endless amounts of non weighted sit up’s, we chose to treat our abs like any other muscle and put some weight against them to build them out and really make them work hard.

This plan is ideal if you are looking to get fitter fast and use some cardio in conduction with a good diet to help you drop body fat without doing endless cardio sessions.

TheLeanMachines (John Chapman and Leon Bustin)

Twitter:    @TheLeanMachines
YouTube: youtube.com/TheLeanMachines


  • 2014: ISSN-SNS
  • 2014: Over 150k Youtube subscribers & 6.8 million views.
  • Featured in Mens Fitness July edition.
  • Featured in TheSun news paper
  • Featured in The Evening Standard
  • Featured in Now Magazine
  • Featured IN The Observer

John Chapman and Leon Bustin are best friends, Personal Trainers and YouTubers from Norwich. Their whole ethos is to bring a little more fun to the fitness world & making it approachable to everyone where ever they are along their own fitness journey.

Leon says;

“Having worked within the industry for 6years now l have met so may people who are fearful of training and also fearful of the professionals training them. My aim is to help everyone to feel comfortable within  the training environment and give them the body they want and enjoy, with plenty of laughs and HARD WORK along the way.”

John also says;

“There is a lot of conflicting advice out there and we aim to give solid advice to the masses, with a little bit of fun along the way. I doesn’t always have to be so complicated and not everyone wants that”

All workout plans come with: –

  • Full exercise detailes
  • Desired rep range and set targets
  • YouTube videos of every exercise so you know exactly how to do them
  • Tips on form & technique
  • Exclusive discount for other plans
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