12 week bespoke nutritional plan

12 week bespoke nutritional plan


Welcome to the Life Changing Fitness 12 week bespoke nutritional plan

At Life Changing Fitness, we specialise in tailored plans that match your specific needs – giving you the best chance of achieving your goals. In fact, we’ve got a 100% client objective success rate, so if you stick to your schedule, you’re almost guaranteed to succeed.

Nutritional plans need to be bespoke to the user. They need to be customised to the users lifestyle, work schedule, social arrangements and training effort. At Life Changing Fitness we put a clients health before everything we do and this means that your nutrition is paramount to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

When you buy the 12 week nutritional plan, you'll be asked to participate in a skype/phone consultation by a Life Changing Fitness coach. In this consultation we will do our best to get to know as much about you as possible in order to design a nutritional meal plan to meet your lifestyle and goals. After all, a nutritional plan that isn't bespoke is impossible to follow long term.

Please allow up to 5 working days for the nutritional plan to be created for you. Bespoke plans take a lot of time and not something we can create in 5 mins. They require quality checking with our expert nutritionists to ensure optimal health

The 12 week nutritional plan comes with: –

  • 45min skype/phone consultation with a LCF coach
  • Your macro breakdown for your lifestyle/goals
  • Example meal plan based on this macro profile
  • More than 12 different meal recipes for variety & flavour
  • Progress tracking table
  • FREE Mens or Women's workout plan of your choice (located in the online store)
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