Prepping Lee Malone all the way to the UKBFF Men’s Physique finals

Below is a testimonial from Lee Malone – close friend, 100 Day Plan athlete and UKBFF competitor. I prepped Lee from January all the way up to his competition day where he placed top 6. An incredible achievement for his first ever competition! Very proud of him!

Lee Malone

I made the decision to compete in October 2012 when the UKBFF announced they would be adding a men’s physique class to this year’s qualifiers. I hadn’t really thought about competing before but decided I was happy enough with my condition to step on stage and set myself that goal to give myself something to aim towards. The next step was planning my prep, I knew I wanted a long prep as it was feel easier and the best way to maintain muscle mass as oppose to a short cut 6-8 weeks out from the show. Having been good friends with Dan for almost a year now and speaking every day we bounce around a few ideas as I knew Dan was very knowledgeable and experienced when it came to nutrition, and came to the conclusion that Dan would prep me from January right through to my show.

Throughout the prep Dan’s support was second to none, there was a one occasion when I was close to just knocking it on the head but Dan was there to help me refocus and crack on. Food wise I enjoyed everything on the prep, the diet itself was really flexible and non repetitive like some contest preps of chicken and rice 6 times a day! As for the workouts I loved different systems and rep ranges throughout the 17 weeks as it’s a way I personally like to train anyway to always keep the body guessing. We introduced cardio late into my prep as being an ectomorph with a high metabolism; it wasn’t something I needed to start from an early stage. Plus the intensity I kept my weight training was more than enough along with the nutrition and supplements.

I ended up placing 6th in my show of 13 competitors which is the biggest the men’s physique class has been since it was introduced in November last year. The overall experience of stepping on stage has given me a buzz to do it all over again, my next step isto spend the next few months adding some mass and to utilise Dan’s knowledge in doing so before stepping on stage again later in the year. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone who not only wants to prep for a show or shoot but also to anyone who’s looking to get in shape and live a healthier lifestyle.

We all have different goals and different starting points and Dan is the perfect guy to understand this and start you off on your own path to achieving them.

Thanks Bro

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Lee Malone UKBFF

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