Finally back to full time work after mine and Darren’s competition, i’m really pleased to be able to announce that we are both now on the hunt for some epic new clients.

Both Darren and I had to cut our client spaces right back during our prep, but now that is behind us we have capacity for lots of new amazing clients.

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I can also confirm that super prep coach Larry also now has availability too – so if you’re looking for some great support in achieving whatever goals you have, then get in touch.

We offer direct debit payment plans, as well as one-off payments, as well as unsupported nutritional and workout plans too. So we have you covered regardless of your financial situation.

Be sure to check out our client testimonials too – the proof is in the pudding (or not lol) and we are super proud of all our clients amazing results.

So, if the time is right for you to make that change and want to best coaching available – then please get in touch.

Please note that these spaces will fill fast and all details on our services and client successes are on the site.

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