MUST WATCH NEW Vblog – Generic plan Vs Bespoke coaching


Lots of details in this one guys and girls, but please please please watch it all – its SOOO important to know the dangers of these shit generic plans.

Today i highlight how to spot a generic plan, why they’re bad and the effects they have on people. Compared to a fully bespoke coaching service, which will keep you healthy while achieving amazing results when done right.

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  1. Katya Olivieri says:

    Hi dan,
    I recently watch your video. I am in the 90 days plan also, eating a low carbohydrate diet, because in the C1 you just got to eat high carbs when you do your HIIT, and the rest of the day very low carbs meals. I got injured doing HIIT, in my ankle an on my knees. So now I’m doing normal cardio. The thing is that I would like to know why is it that the plan is so bad? Should I quite it? I’m about to start C2. I’m from Mexico and I can’t afford your plans, I think I will look for someone here. But you know I already paid my money and although I don’t want it back, I would like to know why is it so bad and what are the consequences of the plan. I’m always anxious, smoke to much because of it, and I crave all the possible things I couldn’t imagine before. I’ve always carried a healthy eating and also I am 105,6 pounds, since I started the plan and lost no pounds, it varies from time to time, I think what I’m losing its water… Sometimes I weight my self and I’m 103 lbs, and some days I’m 107 lbs… Is that’s what happening? All nights I’m bloated, etc, etc.. Is it because of it? He said this we’re my macros:
    training days:
    Protein 145-155g
    Carbs 85-90g
    Sugars 25/30g
    Fats 45g
    Rest days:
    Protein 145-155g
    Carbs 50-60g
    Sugars 10-15g
    Fats 75-85g
    Are these ok? I think I’m very low on carbs. And that’s why I’m felling anxious all the time, and tired.
    Thanks a lot for your advice and for taking the time to read and answer.
    Kind regards, Katya

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