Mike wards amazing 8 week transformation

It is with great pleasure i present to you the EPIC transformation of Mike Ward – Competition winner of a FREE plan from Life Changing Fitness.

Mike was a pleasure to work with! He simply got on and smashed the plan. It helps that mike is also a PT, so he knows how to train, however we took Mikes training to a new level and trained SMARTLY for his goals.

Not only did mike drop 7kg, his abs are now visible and his love handles reduced dramatically – Mikes upper back simply EXPLODED with size. Look at the trap development… its just epic!

The photo speaks a thousand words, but take a second to read Mikes testimonial – some really great comments!

Mike Sir – You will go onto great things mate and im sure you will pass on all the knowledge you learnt and get some great client transformations yourself! Well played pal… you killed it!

Know it, Feel it, Live it

Want to work with Life Changing Fitness and start your own Life Changing transformation? Get in touch – Dan@danielwheeler.co.uk

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Mike Ward fat loss transformation

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