Michelle’s 12 Month Life Saving, Life Changing Fitness Journey – Episode 1

Day 1 of the rest of Michelle’s Life.

This months episode shows the starting point of Michelle’s journey. We take all the baseline data, go to London to get a Dexa scan from BodyScan UK and discuss the initial strategy for Michelle. This 30min episode covers the essentials you need to know, but there is a full length 60min version here if you want to see it all – www.lifechanging.fitness

Michelle Joss has been selected by Life Changing Fitness to under go a very special transformation.


Director of LCF, Daniel Wheeler, wants to show people how obesity should be tackled when looking at ‘weight loss’. In his own words “Being obese is hell, i’ve been there having lost 8st myself. Fixing the problem simply isn’t as easy as telling someone to eat less and do more. Yes, that will work, but only for so long. What i am going to show with Michelle is that lifestyle, habits and behaviors need to change first… the weight loss and health with then follow much faster than if we were to crash diet her and i will bet my career on the fact that Michelle wont rebound this time”.

Michelle has agreed to be documented and followed for a whole year. In this time she has the full support of Life Changing Fitness, who are renowned helping people achieve their goals, whatever they may be. Daniel has provided the whole team at Michelle’s disposal. She will be trained daily (if needed) She will be educated daily. She will meet every coach within LCF and learn different skills and techniques from each of them. She will have NLP coaching from our coaches. She will received counseling, life coaching and also medical help when and if required. Michelle is destined for greatness and we are going to show you how we do it, why we do it and keep you updated every step of the way.

Stay up to date with Michelle’s amazing story as it unfolds over the days, weeks and months. Follow her social media accounts here: –

Snapchat = MichelleJossLCF
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Facebook = facebook.com/LifeChangingFitness/
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Website = www.lifechanging.fitness & www.8020.fitness

If you want to follow the morning live sessions with Daniel Wheeler & Michelle, be sure to follow Daniel’s personal FB page here: – www.facebook.com/DanWheeler3000

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