I’m so humble that Life Changing Fitness is doing so well as a company. We are growing at a really nice steady pace, but most importantly with a reputation and a brand image that we are proud of.

As a company, we are branching out and looking to bring new services to our product range. As a result we are looking for the following people to bring into the team: –
1 x Nutritionist – Part Time

3 x Fitness enthusiasts for blog/content writing – Ad-hoc basis



Are you a qualified PT with an additional nutritional qualification?

Are you proactive, always reading the latest literature and seek out seminars/events to further your knowledge?

Do you have AT LEAST 2 years coaching experience and/or 100+ client working experience?

Are you an open minded coach who is willing to be wrong and doesn’t recite a science book to win an debate/discussion?

Do you want to work for an ethical online company with a team of professionals who want to change the horizon of the fitness world to ACTUALLY HELP PEOPLE over achieving sales objectives!

Are you looking for some Part Time (for now) coaching work and willing to go above & beyond and to be a key role in growing the brand further.


If you’re reading the above list and think “that sums me up” – then I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Maybe you’re reading this and know someone that this suits, if so, please tag them in this post!

Please contact me with your CV and a covering letter as to why you feel you’d be a good addition to the Life Changing Fitness team.




One of the new services that will be coming to our product range will involve a wealth of additional content for our consumers. We are looking for some fitness enthusiasts, who are knowledgable about a certain aspect in the nutritional/fitness world and enjoy writing articles.

Ideally you will be a coach/PT (but not essential).

You will have at least 2 years personal experience in training – ideally in the body building / fitness world.

You will need to know the difference between a macro and a micro, concentric over eccentric, dropsets over supersets, Type1 fibres over Type2 etc etc.

You will be passionate about writing and really want to spread good quality content based on a brief from the LCF team.

You will need to know how to use WordPress or at the very least IT literate and able to learn quickly.

All articles will be signed off by you and fully attributed to your name/individual brand. LCF will NOT publish any content of yours and brand it as our own, but the content will be hosted on a LCF platform/document.

We are looking for 2 female writers and 1 male writer.


If you’re reading the above list and think “this sounds awesome and right up my street” – then I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

Please contact me with some of your writing examples and a small covering letter as to why you feel you’d be a good addition to the Life Changing Fitness content/website team.

As a company we have a lot to offer you and really looking forward to hearing from you and potentially welcoming you into the LCF team.


Know it, Feel it, Live it

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