Kate emailed me a few weeks back to share her story with me. She attached some photos and i was stunned at her progress…. but its not until you read her story will it make you realise just how amazing this transformation really is. Below is Kate’s journey in her own words.

I should point out that Kate is not a client of mine or LCF. However, Kate has found motivation in what we do here so im so proud to have had an indirect effect on Kate’s progression. Well done Kate… truly amazing!


Ok so here’s my story. Now 31 years of age I have been suffering eating disorders for nearly 16 years. I was diagnosed with anorexia and within months given 2 weeks to live. I consumed 100 calories a MONTH and was obsessed about working out, frequently passing out due to my life style, regularly visiting doctors and “specialists”. I was oblivious to what I was doing, I thought I looked great and I felt the most mentally stable to date. I wasn’t at all. My anorexia turned to bulimia, I suffered ulcerations in my throat, struggled to breath and hospitalised with internal bleeding. I was now aware what I was experiencing wasn’t right but couldn’t escape it. Year’s passed, I relocated, got married and after many many years of trying, fell pregnant, on honeymoon. All inclusive!! My best and worst nightmare rolled into one. Over the coming nine months I put on 10 stone in weight. My gorgeous healthy baby boy appeared and elation from becoming a mum was compounded with my weight I now carried. Initially I gained more weight, then yo yo dieted for years, my anorexia, bulimia and binge eating all showed themselves and soon I found myself trapped and confused again. I found pressuring myself to be a certain way by a certain time was too much. I was now a mum and was terrified to pass on my eating disorders to my son.

I joined twitter and a while later started following Daniel Wheeler. Intrigued in to his honesty and to why his tweets actually made sense to me. I read Daniels story, and then I realised why. A guy who had walked the walked, been there and come out the other side. Not just “specialists” telling you what they were taught to say with no experience and emotional connection to an individual’s journey.

I continued to read Daniels tweets, watched endless video blogs of his and be able to laugh at the same time. Over the next year I gradually started transforming myself. I relaxed, enjoyed the process, didn’t beat myself up nearly as much and stayed positive 99% of the time.

Although I am not a client of Daniel Wheeler’s, I attribute my fresh new mind set to his knowledge and positivity. Eternally grateful and highly recommend giving this guy the time of day.



Truly inspirational Kate…. keep it up hun!

Know it, Feel it, Live it

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