How special are you?

So, how special do you think you really are?

Ever get those days when you feel worthless? Feel like no likes you, wants you, needs you are even cares about you. It sparks the thought that you aren’t special, perhaps?

Allow me to try and explain something for you…

About 13.77billion years ago there was a large explosion. Some might say it was fairly significant to the start of, well, pretty much everything. The Big Bang!

big bang

Then about 9.43 billion later (or 4.54billion years ago), a collection of space dust, rocks and boulders some how came within enough distance of one another that their tiny gravitational pull attracted them together. After millions of years of this happening, enough space material collided to create the start of what we now call earth. This process created an immense amount of heat and compression that the start of the earth was nothing more than a large rotating ball of molten rock.

Millions and millions of years later, the earth cooled and some even more astonishing things started to happen. Its thought that over the further millions of years to come, hundreds of millions of asteroids pounded into the earths surface transporting all kinds of raw minerals, metals and gasses.

Fast forward a few billion years, after all these asteroids have hit the earth and planted hundreds of billions of tons of debris, an atmosphere formed and eventually live started to form….. kinda of. For the first billion or so years, there was nothing more than simple single cell organisms, chains of amino proteins and eventually single celled bacteria.

Zoom a few more millions of years ahead and evolution took these single celled organisms and turned them into multi-cell organisms. This was the first sign of intelligent life. When i say intelligent, i’m merely referring to the ability to move from A-to-B for a conscious purpose, digesting other organisms, reproduction and so on…

Continue to zoom a few more million years and we start to see more life blossom, nature expand, oceans form, mountain ranges colliding with each other and the start of seasons – summer, winter etc Life was really starting to get going now!

Keep zooming millions and millions of years and we start to see the evolution of reptiles, sea urchins, birds and eventually mammals. Dinosaurs became the biggest beasts on the planet and life has filled every corner of the world…! Things were pretty sweet in the garden of Earth. However…. this paradise was about to be hit by a rather troubling few years.


About 65million years ago a rock 10km across travelling at over 25,000 metres a second struck earth with the force of over 100 million megatons. To put this into perspective, the Hiroshima bomb was 0.02megatons in power. The asteroid, in comparison, was the same as 1 billion atomic bombs…. thats one hell of an impact for the earth to face! Needless to say, the earth was shaken and had the wind knocked out of it. The explosion forced earth into an ice age, kicked up enough dust into the atmosphere that it took over 2 million years to clear from the sky, killed off 90% of the earths plants & animals and we were almost back to square 1.

Some how, don’t ask me how, but some how our ape ancestors managed to survive that! They survived the millions of years in an ice age and then still managed to evolve at such a rate that humans eventually formed.

Since then, we’ve faced world wars, chemical warfare, deadly diseases, plagues, earth quakes, floods, tornados, hurricanes, typhoons… you name it, nature has tried its best to make earth a tricky place for us to live. We also haven’t made it easy on ourselves…


So what am i getting at?


Put simply… you are the luckiest person in the world to be where you are today. That makes YOU SPECIAL! Special beyond imagination and barely comprehendible… but the facts are all of the above happened and YOU are still here. You are alive, healthy (hopefully), can see, hear, taste and feel the amazing world that is left for us. The world that you are apart of…. that makes you pretty bloody special in my books!

If you ever feel like giving up, whats the point, no one loves/likes me or that life is just too hard…… know this. Life is hard. Its the hardest thing you will ever do, but by doing it you are the most special thing on this planet.

Earth - how special are you

Know it, Feel it, Live it.


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