Interesting one this, perhaps! I’m currently answering some questions for a PR firm for a small release that is due to go out soon. One of the questions they asked me was “So, who is Daniel Wheeler…?”

I replied to the PR agent with a brief Bio of what i’ve achieved/accomplished over the past 4-5 years and what i plan to do in the following 4-5 years. She interrupted me half way through and said “no, no, no. I know all that… tell me who the REAL Daniel Wheeler is!”

“What do you mean?” I asked…

She said “Give me an overview of your childhood, teenage years and young adolescence… then tell me what you’re going to achieve!”


Slightly taken aback, as i was on the back foot with a question i wasn’t expecting, i proceeded to give me a snapshot about me, which i thought i’d share with you. Why? Well, maybe you might get to know me a little more and even relate to where i’ve been and plan on going…

– Born in Burgess Hill – Sussex,
– Mother & Father called Jo & David.
– Father left when i was 2, haven’t seen him since.
– My Dad (a.k.a the proper father) came onto the scene when i was 2, raised me from then, he’s called Simon and my biggest inspiration!
– I have a sister called Steph who is a year younger
– Got a blue bike for my 4th birthday
– Learnt to roller blade when i was 12 and was pretty good at it. Got sponsored by Bauer.
– Was head boy and rugby team captain at my secondary school at 13.
– Later that year my parents moved across to the other side of sussex and i changed schools. As a result i was heavily bullied – just didnt fit into this School.
– At 15 i won a school raffle to see England play at Wembley.
– I support Manchester United football team
– At 16 i hit puberty (late starter) and got my first “proper” job at Jewson’s building merchant, lifting bags of cement into peoples cars.
– At 17 i finished college with 4 A-levels in Marketing & IT
– At 18 i became a junior web designer
– On my 19th birthday i was kicked out of my home and homeless for a few weeks. (long story)
– I started to comfort eat
– I got fat
– At 21 i became a web designer for Toshiba
– By 24 i was 143kg (22 stone)
– By this point i was almost £18,000 in debt due to begging, borrowing and stealing my way to get some security while away from “home”.
– At 25 my sister had her baby boy, caller Oliver
– The day after he was born, i got his name tattooed on my left arm (or right arm if i take a selfie in the mirror lol)
– At 25 i become the online web manager for Toshiba Europe.
– At 26 i featured in Mens Fitness for losing 50kg (8stone)
Fast forward almost 4 years and i own Life Changing Fitness, with a team of 6 AWESOME people, have a roof over my head, great little family building up, awesome friends, healthy, debt free and Coaching & Fitness is my passion.

– One of my life goals is to be a millionaire by the time i’m 30 (times running out lol – may need a 12 month extension on that one haha)
– I plan on opening a chain of gyms by the time i’m 35, based around nutrition!
– By 40 i’d like 2 kids, 5 houses, a yacht and a house in a Maldives…. we can all dream cant we? 😉
– By 50 i want to have a Forbes 250 listed company (not a joke)
– I’d love to one day visit space


There was then a long pause over the phone… I said “was that enough info?”

She replied with “I honestly didnt expect to hear half of that. Not quite sure where to start…!”

We both laughed and carried on the discussion over the PR release.

Anyway – i wanted to share that with you, because the last question she asked me was “If there was a phrase or a saying that motivates you, what is it?”. It was this i wanted to share…

I told her the same thing that i posted on here last week – its a quote by Will Smith –

“You don’t start out saying you’re going to build a wall. You don’t start off saying “I’m going to build the biggest, baddest, greatest wall ever.” You start with a brick. You say “I’m going to lay this brick as perfectly as a brick can be laid.” Do that every single day and soon you’ll have a PERFECT wall.”

I didn’t set out to do a lot of the things i’ve managed to do, many of which i’m very proud of. However, what i did do is aim for a long term objective but focused EACH DAY on trying to get closer and closer to that.I used other peoples negativity as something to motivate me and i used my own fear of failing as another tool to push me along.

I’ve been blessed to have some of the most amazing friends anyone could ask for and i genuinely think that if it wasn’t for them, i’d still be sleeping in the back of my Citroen Saxo wondering “where do i go from here”.
Just lay 1 brick… just focus on that 1 brick. The wall will follow some day!

Lastly – I’ve also failed 10 times more times than i have succeeded! As rocky once said – its not about how many times you can get punched, its about how many punched you can take and still move forward!

Know it, Feel it, Live it

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