How to do a FollowFriday correctly on Twitter

Many of you reading this may not know that my background, before fitness, was online Marketing. For 10 years I’ve been in online marketing,  7 of which i was the head of the European online marketing for Toshiba. This has given me a great footing in order to be very successful with my marketing plans online – be it with my site, Facebook or twitter.

One thing that has ALWAYS annoyed me about twitter is this damn #FollowFriday obsession people have. I mean, its nice and flattering for someone to mention me in a tweet for #FF , however, its largely meaningless to anyone else other than the person who sent it and the person receiving it.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never followed someone off the back of someone else listed 8 names in a tweet. Therefore, the whole mechanics and purpose of Follow Friday falls down. Follow Friday seems largely to become a mutual back-slapping call out. You may as well just tweet “Hey, i like @thisperson and just wanted to let them know I’ve publicly acknoledged them and they should remember my name for doing so. After all, we are twitter friends and I’ve done this every week for the past 3 years!!!! LIKE ME DAMN IT, LIKE ME!”…

So on that note, see below a list of DO’s and DONT’s when it comes to social media and how best to do Follow Friday.


1. Recommend WITHOUT reasons.

I know that you want to recommend as many people as possible but without any reasons, nobody will look at them and consider following them.

Why you shouldn’t do this: Using a party situation, imagine me shouting “hey meet these guys here” Firstly, I sound like a crazy person. Secondly there isn’t a personal touch in it.

2. Recommend everyone on your list.

Its alright to be friendly but recommending everyone on your list is not a way. First you’ll be spamming the timeline, secondly it looks spammy.

Why you shouldn’t do this: Again imagine me going around the party shouting hey meet him, hey meet them, hey meet him, her and him. At first maybe people will listen. After going on for 10 minutes. Do you think anyone bother listening to me anymore?


So how do you do a proper follow friday? Some of you might have a small list of followers, some might have a bigger list of followers. Here are some methods you can use.



1. Send personal follow friday tweets

This is a proper way to do a follow friday. It has information about the person rather than just tweeting follow him, her, him, him, her, her. It gives you the information of what kind of of guy or girl they are and why you should follow them.

2. Small groups

If you have tons of followers you can use this technique. Recommend four to six people in your list and tell people why they should follow them. Its clean and it has a reason why as well.

3. Create a twitter list and call it “follow friday”

You can also create a list and call if follow friday. Since you have tons of followers it is going to be hard for you to recommend everyone on your list. However you can add them in a list and name it follow friday and ask your followers to follow the list or follow the people on the list.





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