Put my shirt on to go to work and my arms might as well be pipe cleaners in a drain pipe! Why won’t they grow… I find myself rolling up the sleeves just to make them look bigger. Who am i kidding!

Cant wear shorts through fear of people thinking my legs are genuinely going to snap in half. My ankles feel loose in my trainers, so i have to wear thick socks and tie them up really tight to stop them sliding. My mum still buys me size XS underwear at christmas…. I’m trying so hard to put on size, but its so damn hard. I just want to be able to wear a medium size pair of shorts! ARGG!

I go to the gym every day, i lift as heavy as i can – because thats what the magazines say; “Lift big to get big”. The guy writing the magazine swears he is natural, so it must be possible to get that big without taking anything illegal… isn’t it?

I saw a YouTube video about guys wanting to add muscle and he said it was easy…. just eat more! But thats not easy… i’m eating as much as i possibly can, but I’m just not putting on weight! Its almost like the more i eat  the harder it is to put on weight. I feel sluggish as my belly is so full. Trying so hard to just add some bloody muscle.

Maybe the supplement that this guy online takes will work? Its a MASS GAINER shake. Apparently it has 1,500 calories per serving and will turn me into a BEAST!. £200 and 3 months later and i think i’m actually smaller and those shakes just give me the jitters and diarrhea.

My friends all take the piss out of me because i’m so small, yet when they see me eat a whole pizza and don’t put on any fat they hate me for it. I can’t seem to win. One guy in the gym said that the only way to get bigger is to take steroids, especially as i’m an ectomorph – not sure what that is, but it doesn’t sound good. Maybe i should just take something illegal – he’s telling me its safe and will get be huge.,.,… i don’t know, its all so confusing and worrying.

I just want to add some muscle. Why is this so hard. Girls don’t look at me. Men laugh at me. I don’t feel like a man in my own body….

How familiar does all that sound guys? Maybe some girls here too can relate to some of that?

If you are struggling to add muscle but have no idea how to do it, then take a look at LCF director Craig Dickinson attached. It took him 2 years to add on the muscle he wanted and has maintained this incredible shape since. He was your classic “Hard Gainer” but with the right training and nutrition he added on a lot of size…. naturally too. It is possible!


Anything is possible with the right mindset, attitude and consistency to achieving your goals.

Know it, Feel it, Live it


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