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September 30 @ 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm




Are you struggling to lose weight? Constantly confused about what to eat? If you should do exercise or not? Constantly emotional eating and binging? Do you struggle with energy? Do your friends lose weight easily, but you really struggle? Feel like its almost impossible to get a grip on losing the body fat you want to drop?

Just want to learn how to be healthier and happier?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, then this seminar will change your life – or your money back!

Aimed at those who know nothing about nutrition, exercise or mindset, and get constantly confused with what they hear and see online or from their friends. This seminar/talk, from the most experienced in the industry, is set to give you the facts, the details and the tools to change your life. Broken down into easy to understand facts, you will walk away from this day empowered and motivated knowing you have, finally, the right education to change your life.


The event is called a seminar, which can be a misleading and boring term, but it’s accurate. It is a motivational and educational talk designed to remove all the myths about fat loss, health and happiness.

90% of the reason why we struggle to lose weight is down to our mindset and how much we eat. However, most people think it’s down to genetics, or medication or the types of food we eat – which simply isn’t true. It densest matter what medical issues you may have, what level of experience you may or may not have or if you do zero exercise currently, this talk is perfect for anyone looking for answers!

You will walk away from this powerful and factual talk, with specific knowledge to help you lose weight THE EASY WAY! THE QUICK WAY!, and with the knowledge to sustain this for life – without the horrid dieting rebound that we are all familiar with.

The Stop Dieting and Start Living talk will transform your life and answer the questions YOU specifically need answering FOR YOUR life.

You are guaranteed to see success and we are so confident with that, if you don’t learn the tools you need to learn, then you will get ALL YOUR MONEY BACK! Its a zero risk, 100% success seminar.

What have you got to lose, other than weight 😉


Hosted by Daniel Wheeler, owner of The 80/20 Lifestyle Plan. Daniel has cemented himself in the Health and Fitness industry as the leading female fat loss expert. Having lost 8stone, become an international cover model and coached thousands of women to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle, Daniel’s ability to explain complex issues in a simple way, for everyone to absorb, separates him from the crowd. Having ‘been there’ and ‘done it’, Daniel’s passion to help others is unrivaled, combined with his motivational and inspiring background, you are guaranteed to leave the talk with the tools to smash any goal you set your mind to.

One of Daniel’s life motto’s is “surround yourself with the best” and this couldn’t be more true of this seminar. Daniel has gathered the top of the top within the industry and his co-speakers will not only educate you on Nutrition, Exercise, and Mindset but will leave you feeling empowered and motivated to change your life.



The talk will kick off at 12noon sharp, so arrive and be seated by 11:45am to be sure you don’t miss anything.

If you arrive late, then no problem at all, just find a seat as you enter quietly There will be a 15min break between each chapter of the day. So, a 15min break after Nutrition, another after Movement and a final break after the Mindset chapter.

As above, Daniel will be joined by his co-speakers for the 3 main talks but will also be closing the talk with some HUGE news that he would like to exclusively announce at the end.

This will follow an open Q&A where all 5 speakers will be on stage at the same time to answer all the questions you may have. No question will be unanswered.

The plan is to wrap up the day by 5pm, however, this may be extended depending on the questions in the open Q&A, so please prepare to stay to about 6pm just in case. There won’t be any catering for this event, as it would cost thousands, but there are local shops in the area. Our advice is to bring your own food and drink which you are welcome to consume during the breaks.

Daniel will be staying behind at the end to answer any further questions you may have for him personally, so please feel free to grab him at the end if you wish.

The closest tube stations to the venue are: – Barbican Station, St. Paul’s or Moorgate stations, which are all less than 5mins walk from the venue.

Tickets will NOT be available to purchase on the day, so please make sure you purchase them on this page prior to arriving.

To gain entry to the venue, you will be asked to show proof of purchase. Please either show this on your phone as you enter or print off your confirmation email and bring it with you. You will not be able to gain entry without your confirmation email.

Lastly, everyone will receive copies of the presentation on the day a few days after the event, however, we would encourage you to bring a pen and paper to make notes as there will be LOTS to learn.


Joining Daniel on stage will be none other than the legendary Ben Coomber.

Ben Coomber is one of the industries leading educators on Nutrition and lifestyle change. If you know a PT or a coach who “knows their stuff”, then the chances are they have learned their information from Ben and his BTN Academy qualification. Not only that, but Ben also runs what Daniel views as the only supplement company that is truly ethical and research based, AWESOME SUPPLEMENTS.

Ben will join Daniel as his co-speaker for the Nutrition section in this seminar. This will be the first time these two powerhouses will be on stage together and will set the new benchmark in nutrition and lifestyle change for you to learn and be empowered from.


Last, but by no means least, the Nutrition segment of the day’s talk wouldn’t be complete without the Indian Body Coach himself, Juggy Sidhu.

Juggy is the UK’s leading Indian Nutritional coach and specialises, specifically, in coaching Indians with their Nutrition and lifestyles. You may be thinking “hold on, do Indians need a different approach to Nutrition and exercise?” and the answer is yes. “How and why?”, well, you’ll have to come to the talk to find out. Juggy will be taking us through the modern-day Indian lifestyle, showing the difficulties in lifestyles that most Indians face with nutrition and exercise and educating us how to make it more optimal to our goals. If you are of Indian descent and struggle with fat loss, this seminar is a must!



When it comes to fat loss and feeling great, moving more and exercise is vitally important. However, how much do we need to exercise? How do you lose body fat if you can’t exercise? What type of exercise? What is the best exercise for fat loss? Should women weight train? Should men do cardio? It can all be very confusing and most, if not all, the information we see on FB is not only false, but it’s misleading and confusing.

Arron Pritchard prides himself on offering the latest strength and conditioning information for the masses. Exercise can be a complex topic and many people over confuse it and over complicate it. Understanding the basics will benefit 99% of the population and understanding how you integrate this into the real world is the most important part – something Arron does incredibly well. Arron is also coached by Daniel personally, so these two are set to infuse your world with exercise knowledge that will change your life.

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Has the best been left until last? We will let you decide, but if you struggle to achieve any goal in life, then the chances are this could well be the most important chapter of the day.

The mind is responsible for everything we do. How we feel, how we act and as a result, what we are able to achieve. Do you lack motivation? Are you always self-sabotaging? Do you binge eat? Do you emotionally eat? Do you let negative comments ruin your progress? If any of this is relevant to you, then this talk is a must.

Daniel will be joined by the industry leading Mindset expert Dave Cottrell. Dave has accelerated to the forefront of the world of Mindset, not only through his immense education in the topic, but by showing us all his first-hand account of how to use these tools and change your life. Dave, who has also lost 8 stone, now coaches people to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle by focusing on positive mindset changes. These changes can not only allow you to become happier, but they will enrich your life to make everyone around you happier also. If you struggle mentally, Daniel and Dave will be showing you the tools to change your life for the better.

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September 30
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Daniel Wheeler


Museum of London
150 London Wall
London, EC2Y5HN United Kingdom
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WATCH ONLINE ONLY TICKET - STOP DIETING START LIVING - SUNDAY 30th September 12-5pm£30.00WATCH ONLINE ONLY TICKET - STOP DIETING START LIVING - SUNDAY 30th September 12-5pm Online only ticket to watch through FB live in a private group. Upon purchasing this ticket, you will receive an email, within 48hours of purchase, with a link to join the closed FB group. You will be able to watch the seminar through this group on the day and up to 7 days after the event.
ATTEND IN PERSON - STOP DIETING AND START LIVING - SUNDAY 30th September 12-5pm£50.00 £30.00This is the ticket to purchase if you wish to attend the seminar in person at the Museum of London