OK, as posted this morning, i wanted to see if you guys could guess Matts daily kcal content…. you failed

Here are some facts for you about Matts progress so far.

  • – The guys wheels are IMMENSE! Just had to say that lol
  • – Duration = 11 weeks.
  • – Starting weight = 86.4kg
  • – Current weight = 83kg (he was actually 81.7kg 5 weeks ago)
  • – Starting daily Kcal = 2,800 a day (based on his own diet at the time, so we started with that)
  • – Current daily Kcal (carb cycling – high day) = 5,920 – Yes, thats right, just under SIX THOUSAND CALORIES A DAY! (His low days are 4,000 a day)
  • – Matts Height = 173cm
  • – Matts age = 28
  • – Starting flat bench press for 5 reps = 90kg
  • – Current flat bench press for 5 reps = 110kg
  • – Starting Horizontal low row for 5 reps = 91kg
  • – Current Horizontal low row for 5 reps = 124kg
  • – Starting leg press for 7 reps = 350kg
  • – Current leg press for 7 reps = 430kg
  • – Starting squat for 8 reps = 110kg
  • – Current squat for 5 reps = 142kg
  • – Starting 1000m row sprint time = 3:57m
  • – Current 1000m row sprint time = 3:36m
  • – Matt has a weekly “cheat meal” although is eating daily foods most would class as cheats. The reality is its just good quality food. This week for example we’ve added in 200g chocolate brazil nuts into his diet and peanut butter pink & whites (i posted last week). He’s eating 200g a oats in the mornings along side steak and nuts.

I have a hundred other metrics i could sing and dance to you about Matt. The guy is hands down, without a doubt, THE MOST dedicated person i’ve EVER worked with. We discussed his goals at xmas and he said he wanted to compete this year. I said great, first things first, lets see how many calories i can get into you before you start storing fat…. I.E. find his “metabolic roof”.


As you can see, 6,000 kcal aday and the guy IS STILL LEANING OUT! We haven’t reached his maintenance level yet lol

This is the true power of building a strong metabolism with a structure TRACKABLE workout.

The plan is for Matt to start dieting in 2 weeks time. He will have a deload week before we start and is even going to take a small holiday for his mates Stag weekend.

The AWESOME thing about this, is Matts diet prep is starting at 6,000 kcal a day. Which means i wont even be touching his macros for the first few weeks into his diet – we will just amend his workouts. Imagine starting to DIET and strip up even further on 6,000 calories a day!

None of this 2,000 kcal a day crap with 3 HIIT sessions a week and 5 weighted sessions with an hours cardio! We are simply letting the diet do ALL THE WORK and put the body in the most optimal hormonal stress free state possible. The body rewards you with the less stress possible

This is TEXT BOOK dieting. Without Matts dedication and effort none of this coaching would be as easy as it has been.

Follow Matt on twitter to follow his journey to stage @Mattgeorge85 – The dude is going to have the biggest pair of legs for sure. Matt will also be hitting his chest and traps more frequently as the weeks progress

If you’re looking to get in contact with Life Changing Fitness for the RIGHT way to diet and build an awesome, healthy, physique – drop us an email. 

Know it, Feel it, Live it

*Results may vary from person to person

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