Charlotte Howells – My first photoshoot for PPS

Lovely to be asked to write a blog for Dan Wheelers’ Life Changing Fitness Website, because that is exactly what fitness and more specifically sport has done for me. It has changed and shaped my life. Starting my sporting career as a Gymnast aged 3 and alongside this, aged 12 I started training and competing in athletics. Training has been a major part of my life always, but training in a gym with weights was completely new to me until 2 years ago. I started training with weights to improve my leg and core strength for athletics, noticing amazing results I started training my whole body with them. My skills and speed in my sports increased, but the biggest difference they created was the change in my physique. In such a short space of time I was looking leaner and a lot more defined.

Charlotte Howells

Attending the Body Power Expo in 2012 was my spring board into fitness as an industry. Having my picture taken and entered into a competition on Facebook to win a feature in a magazine I received loads of positive comments about my physique and told how I should look into fitness modelling and competing. I was wary at first about being involved in such a male dominated industry but that thought soon went, as everyone I have ever met or spoken to in the industry has only ever been positive and encouraging towards me. Any negative comments I have received have only ever been from people outside the industry, but that’s another story!

In July this year, I was approached by the company PPS Supplements to be signed to them to promote and model their products. By September I’m asked to be featured in their magazine campaign for Soldier Magazine, the official monthly publication of the British Army, along with my fellow PPS model Craig Dickinson, who is in wicked shape and is constantly pushing himself.

Craig Dickinson & Charlotte Howells arm wrestle

We were given 2 weeks to prepare for the shoot which isn’t long in training terms. Most fitness models modify their diet and training for shoots and need a specific amount of time to do that. But as I’m always training to be fitter and stronger for sport my body is a tool for my training I don’t train specifically for my body to look fit, I’m very lucky that it’s just a brilliant result. My diet leading up to the shoot didn’t change drastically; I eat clean 99% of the time and drink 5/6 litres of water a day, so I just controlled my portions and my eating schedule a little better. 2 days before the shoot I limited my water to 3 Litres per day; I was still running every day so I needed to make sure I didn’t cut down my water too much, and the night before the shoot I stopped drinking water at 7pm and drank a glass of red wine to look dryer and more defined the next day.

Charlotte Howells

We arrived on at the shoot early, having never done anything like this before I was amazed at how big and professional the studio was and that they had provided a full gym for us to prep in. The shoot was brilliant, we were there for four hours and took hundreds of photos, and the time absolutely flew by. I had great time shooting with Craig and the PPS team were excellent. I can’t wait to do the next one!

Charlotte Howells

The Photos will be launched in February’s edition of Soldier Magazine.



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Charlotte Howells

Charlotte Howells Bio Charlotte Howells, 23. I’m currently studying Sports Science at University. I have a lifelong love of gymnastics, running and now lifting weights. PPS supplements sponsored Athlete and Fitness Model. Competing in 2013 UKBFF.Follow me on Twitter @cchowells and find me on Facebook

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