I’ve been looking forward to sharing this with you all for a while now. Andy and I have been working together since May this year, He wanted to lose some weight, but his health was the priority. Andy had very high blood pressure and it was becoming a concern.

Naturally, the Doctors didnt do much other than tell Andy to remove all high fatty foods from his diet and take statins medication. The doctor gave him a list of foods not to eat, these consisted of – Red meat, eggs, nuts & butters etc

So guess what the first thing i did to Andys diet was?

He was eating red meat and nuts most mornings. Eggs with most meals and of course butter when he wanted. Coconut oil and dark chocolate were also added in on a very regular basis – almost daily.


After a few months, Andy was onto flexible dieting and making his own food choices based on what i had taught him and how to handle and cope with his immense work pressures. Andy travels almost 50miles a day to work, often works multiple days away from home in hotels and its rare for Andy to finish work before 8pm after leaving the house at 6am.

My absolute priority was Andys health. I’ll be totally honest, the fat loss wasn’t really of concern here as i knew that when i made him healthier then the byproduct of that would help him lean out.

Due to Andys incredibly busy lifestyle, exercise was almost impossible to fit in. However, Andy is a keen golf player, so there was a lot of active walking on a weekly basis. Not a single gym session, press-up, squat or treadmill running. All of this was mainly achieved by diet and diet alone. See Andys testimonial here…

Andys blood pressure stats before and now are: –

Before – 140-150 sys / 70-85 dia

Now – 115-130 sys / 70-80 dia

If you’ve been inspired by this transformation, get in touch. We can help you with ANY life goal and you’d be surprised what can be achieved with the right coaching and nutrition.

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