I simply could not be more happy to finally announce the latest Life Changing Fitness team update today.

I’d like to officially introduce you all to the latest members of the Life Changing Fitness coaching & PT team – Will Pollitt & Leigh Purcell!

Will Pollitt

Will Pollitt will make a difference to your daily life that you will not believe! He has the ability to bring your body up to a level of complete fitness. What does that actually mean? It means that Will can teach you how to look after your body and improve it through exercise and nutrition, taking your fitness to another level completely. He has the skills, the training and the knowledge to encourage you to adopt a life changing fitness program to meet your personal goals and aspirations.

Through sports and fitness techniques and training, core strengthening and muscular endurance, he can teach you to be the best that you can be, so that you are able to enjoy life to the full! Don’t worry though, he understands that you have regular life commitments to deal with, but he will tailor make and adapt an exercise plan to suit you and improve your fitness that complements your lifestyle.

Will Pollitt - Walton on Thames PT


Leigh Purcell

Leigh Purcell is an inspirational athlete that has trained hard, overcome obstacles and can transform you into the athlete you have always wanted to be. She can put you on the path to exceeding your own personal fitness goals and reach ultimate fitness. With Leigh’s outstanding achievements and successes she can take you on your own fitness journey and ensure that you are in tip top condition for your first competition.

Maybe you are not looking to compete, but want to attain the best level of fitness that you can. Either way, an opportunity to train with Leigh is an outstanding one. With her combined knowledge of biomechanics, personal fitness training and competition experience she is a winner and can make you a winner too! Don’t miss your chance to benefit from the expertise, skill and passion of this amazing Pro Woman’s Competition Coach and Personal Trainer. With Leigh’s help, you can live the dream!

Leigh Purcell personal trainer



Both Will and Leigh are Walton on Thames, Surrey, based trainers with Leigh also offering Female Online Prep Coaching services for ladies that are looking to compete at any level – be it Fitness, Bikini or even Figure.

I’m so thrilled to welcome them to the team and wish them all the success with the Life Changing Fitness Team.

We also have another 2 coaches due to join in the coming days/weeks, so stay tuned for more updates shortly.

Please join me in welcoming Will and Leigh to the team and be sure to checkout their full profiles on the website and how you can book their services.

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