I say delayed as this has been 6 months working already, but we thought it was about time to make it public.

Life Changing Fitness are very pleased to announce the partnership with James Alexander-Ellis Fitness and a new bespoke online coaching service. For those of you who aren’t in the fitness industry… or alive (lol) you may be wondering who James is? Other than one of the top fitness icons in the UK, if not the world.

So who is James Alexander-Ellis?

You may know James as a Pro Fitness Competitor. He has appeared on the WBFF Worlds stage for 4 years in a row with Top 10 placings each time, and most recently took a podium spot at the WBFF European Championships AND the recent World Championships in Las Vegas.

James is also transforming the physiques of hundreds of trainees every year, with his experience selling cutting edge training programmes globally and being a world leading personal trainer, working from Gym Box in London.


What does our partnership offer and why is it so good?

With our combined success as companies we’re able to provide general Health and Wellbeing coaching, competition and photoshoot prep to the higher level athletes and fitness competitors. As a partnership we’ve had lots of great success in the last couple of years with athletes in federations such as WBFF, Miami Pro, UKBFF (with countless pro cards being won) and people just wishing to look and feel better. Over the coming weeks we will be posting up a lot of client transformations to show you the massive success this partnership has already generated.

We offer four individual packages, each of which will be completely bespoke to yourself.

There are 8, 12 and 16 week prep packages that all include reverse diet coaching as mandatory. There is also a Direct Debit option for users who aren’t competition/photoshoot focused and just want to improve their health and lifestyle.

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With James Alexander Ellis and Life Changing Fitness teaming together we are able to offer an even greater bespoke, elite specific, online coaching service that you literally cant find anywhere else.

Find out all the details and packages on the Life Changing Fitness website here:- – or James’s website here:-

Or email us directly for further information –

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…all we do is change lives!

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