Life Changing Fitness are very pleased to announce the partnership with Jade Katy and a new bespoke online coaching service for women. For those of you who aren’t in the fitness industry…you may be wondering who Jade is?

So who is Jade Katy?

Jade is an up and coming fitness model, a brand ambassador for fitness companies and a bikini competitor who will be competing underneath LCF later in the year. She is also a fully qualified personal trainer and an ACA candidate furthering her knowledge and experience in the industry.

She provides training, motivation and inspiration to women globally who want to get fit, be healthy and look great. The aim of our partnership is to utilize the power of natural food, healthy environment, science-based techniques, and a supportive and encouraging team; to lose body fat (and keep it off), move better and create balance in your life.


What does our partnership offer and why is it so good?

With our combined success as companies we’re able to provide general Health and Wellbeing coaching, competition and photoshoot prep to women globally. Our coaching is for all levels of expertise and is goal dependent.

We offer four individual packages, each of which will be completely bespoke to yourself.

There are 8, 12 and 16 week packages that we have created and are all aimed to get you feeling super fit and healthy. There is also a Direct Debit option available.



With Jade Katy and Life Changing Fitness teaming together we are able to offer an even greater bespoke, online coaching service for women that you literally cant find anywhere else.

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…all we do is change lives!

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