To Lorraine Kelly

I’m somewhat of a regular viewer to your morning show on ITV. My Fiancée watches it before she goes to work as I get ready to leave the house to run my fitness company, Life Changing Fitness.

One of my biggest bug bears within society is the medias perception of ‘nutrition’ and ‘fitness’ as a whole. Day after day, hour after hour, the country is filled with what I can only describe as tripe. Incorrect information that leads to an extreme relationship with yoyo diets, poor exercise choices and ultimately a drastic self esteem problems. Unfortunately, your show is not innocent of this.

Over the past few years I have seen celebrities plug their new latest FAD fitness DVD, or their new line of weight loss pills and my personal favorite, their new found passion for being health advisors despite not a single qualification to their name. Davina McCall to name but one. We all love Davina, she’s an amazing inspiration to many women and myself included to some extent, however, there is no way, no morally acceptable way, that we can allow her to give nutrition advice without having gone through adequate training. Experience alone, simply isn’t enough to guide the nation to “remove sugar” or “jump up and down’ for an hour in their living room. Its not right. Its not correct and its unhealthy.

Your show is fantastic. I love the quests you get on there. I particularly like the cooking element also, you and your cooking co-host make some great foods and this is a good step in teaching people how to cook. However, it is not a platform for that chef to also spout buffoonery about carbohydrates and dietary fats to the public. He is also unqualified and a lot of his information is not only false, its massively misleading.

There is a regular feature you have on your show where you get 3 or 4 overweight women and transform them over a period of weeks. Within this feature you simply focus on body-weight as a measure of success. You get them training further than their abilities. You ask them to eat an extremely low fat diet and although the variety of food seems good, the variety of macro nutrients and fiber is very out of sync. Their results are actually also not that startling. Its fantastic to see people being more active and looking to motivate people, but we are sending out the wrong message – we are telling the nation to eat rabbit quantities of food and do more cardiovascular exercise. Although this may well work, for some, it is not optimal for the masses and very unrealistic for them to expect to stick to it. I work with people daily on increasing their food intake whilst optimising their activity for their abilities. This results in dramatic, sustainable, life changes.

We need to be educating the user and allowing them to make the right decisions for THEM and THEIR lives.

We need to teach them how food works. How food is processed. How food affects emotions and motivation. How food affects energy levels. How food affects sleep, stress and relations.

We need to show people how to exercise correctly. We need to teach them how different types of exercise affects the body, stress factors and their body composition. We need to teach people alternatives to traditional cardio, like running or living room jumping, and educate their choices to make it fun and interesting, but more importantly diverse and sustainable.

We need to teach people how hormones work at a foundation level. We need to show the working man how testosterone functions and how to naturally optimise it as we age. We need to show women how oestrogen affects them on a daily basis, how it changes during their cycles, and more important how eating and training should change around their cycles. How to aid the menopause and reduce the symptoms with the help of proper nutrition and hormonal management.

There is so much more I can add to this list, but I’m sure you get my drift.

You have a platform that could change the nations obesity epidemic – I passionately believe that with the right knowledge you could make a huge impact on society and how we live as a country. You have a responsibility to use your platform for good, not to plug the latest celebrity tripe, because their publicist wants to advertise their recent multi-million pound divorce and how their DVD ‘saved them’. You have a moral obligation to not only target parents, but also children. By this I don’t mean how to teach the parents how to raise their children, but to actually speak to the children. I’m sure you know just how much of an information sponge kids are and they are currently being exposed to information, that years to come, will lead them down a road of yoyo dieting and hating their bodies. We have to fix this… its not right!

So here is my proposal to you and I hope you get the opportunity to read this some day…

My name is Daniel Wheeler. I have personally beaten obesity (lost 8 stone and became a fitness model/enthusiast). I am a qualified personal trainer and nutritional advisor.
I run a fitness company called Life Changing Fitness. We are arguably the more successful online coaching company in Europe.
My company has 13 coaches. All qualified to coach, teach and lead clients to a lifestyle change based on nutrition and exercise.

I am NOT looking for TV time or publicity. I can’t stress this enough! I’m not here looking to be your next “fitness guru”.

My proposal is simple. I would like to offer mine and my companies services to you and your team at ITV.
I would like to make regular visits to your offices and educate you on all elements of what I have highlighted above, and more, over the course of a year.
I would like to personally coach you and your team, train you and your team, to understand what to advise when you’re on TV or in the public eye.
I would like to transform your TV team to be as knowledgeable as some of the best trainers out there.

This, however, will take time. It won’t be a simple scenario of me teaching you a set formulae for everyone to use. I will personally teach you all individually how to make lifestyle, health and active changes to achieve your own personal goals. Get you to all understand how each of your bodies work…. Just like driving different cars, we are all unique and require different forms of fuel, tyres, engine oil and breaks – hopefully my analogy is clear.

What do I want in return?
NOTHING…. honestly, nothing personally. All I would ask is that ITV make a reasonably generous donation to the POBL Charity for Mental Health. That’s it. The amount is down to how valuable you find mine and my companies knowledge.

I hope this reaches you. I hope you take this as positive and constructive and I genuinely hope that we can make a step forward to educating the nation correctly and make a big dent in the obesity pandemic.

I hope you will also realise that not once did I mention ‘fat loss’ or ‘weight loss’ in my proposal. We need to change our mindset and approach to ‘dieting’ and this starts by removing those negative buzz words. Fat loss/weight loss is merely a by-product of becoming more healthy. I want ‘US’ to make the nation healthy.

Daniel Wheeler
Director of Life Changing Fitness

If you wish to contact me, please email

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