There is a physical reason why we need to eat. Survival… animal instinct. We have to eat to live – this is pretty much considered fact 😉

However, many people forget that there is a reason why YOU feel the need to eat MORE than you need.

In its simplest form, obesity as a medical issue is due to eating more than you need for a prolonged period of time. Not only more than what you need, but too much of the WRONG food groups.

Yet many people dont realise there is a reason behind this…

People dont just wake up for no reason at all and think “today i’m going to consume 10,000 calories…” just for the fun of it.

Ben Coomber mentions a few times in his Podcasts about a “genetic weakness” in peoples bodies, where by a consistently poor diet will lead to your body breaking in some way – be it arthritis, IBS, etc

It’s a fantastic way to compare this to what i feel should be called a “Emotional Weakness” to WHY we eat.

The same way we can all look at a drug addict and “presume” that there must be some reason why they inject/snort drugs – be in a broken childhood or excessive emotional stress caused by losing a loved one. The EXACT same issues are associated to the route cause of obesity…. it simply isn’t a case of poor education, although that is a large factor.

I’d say that 35% of all the clients i have worked fall into the bracket of “morbidly obese”…. 100% of those clients ALL had personal issues at a very early age and THIS is the reason why in later life it has responded in an “emotional weakness” that has led to over eating.

Lets take me as an example of this…

Most of you know that i was a fairly big chap back in the day – over 22stone. I fell into the obese bracket and looking back on it there was a reason WHY i got into that state. There was a chain reaction that caused me to find an emotional connection to food. I wont go into my sob story on here, but needless to say that i too grew up in a broken family, which then evolved into many other family dramas in my young teens. Before i knew it, i was 22stone and thinking… WHAT THE F*&K CAUSED THIS.

At the time i put it down to “being lazy” and simply “not knowing what to do”. Sure, these were both factors, but there was a route cause here too.

Its taken me many years to realise this and only recently have i been able to really get to the bottom of things!
So what am i getting at here….?

When someone is obese, there are many reasons as to WHY they are overweight. You can fix the weight and health issues EASILY with nutrition, exercise and some good coaching support – however, this is a SHORT TERM FIX.

Unless you address the route cause of the issue, people will relapse and relapse hard. I’ve seen it many times and i’ve also done it many times.

Address those demons, come to terms with them and accept them and this will ensure that you can see LONG TERM success with everything in life.
If you are reading this and can connect to this on any level, i have 2 bits of advice for you.

1 – Find a good coach to help you with the SHORT TERM immediate issues. Help you looking and feel great – this will do LOADS for your immediate self esteem and general well being

In tandem to this…

2 – Seek professional physiological help. Speak to someone about your problems…. This will be the first step to truly changing your long term life goals. There is NO SHAME in speaking to someone about your issues.

The mind is more complex than you will ever know – someone who has studied the complexities of behavioral/emotional science will aid greatly in fixing any issues you may have.

Know it, Feel it, Live it

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