Fat Loss Plans – 12 Week Fat Loss Cut

So… it begins!

The next venture in the Daniel Wheeler ‘fitness model condition’ journey begins!

Over the next 12 weeks i am going to detail, in granular detail how i am going to go from my current weight/body fat % down to 8% body fat. Tomorrow is the first day of the next 12 weeks.

So what have i done to prepare for this?

Well, i’ve spent the last 4 hours detailing my initial macro diet along with my first weeks workout plan. Over the next 12 weeks i will have to revisit the plan and make changes as my weight changes. I will also have to adapt my workout depending on which muscle groups will need attention.

See below links….

I will be updating the blog every week. There will be too much information to go through every day, so a weekly blog will make more sense. Each week i will post weekly photos so you can see the progression.

The next 12 weeks are to focus on FAT LOSS and SOME lean tissue gains. However, i will focus more on muscle mass bulk once this 12 weeks have finished and i can start on a 12 week bulk.

Please see below the list of links to each weeks progression…

12 week fat loss cut – before I start

12 week fat loss cut – End of week 1