100 day plan

The 100 Day Plan is now and the uptake has been very humbling! Its amazing to see all the hard work paying off and i cant wait to start working with these awesome new clients.

I’m going to do a series of posts to give you guys/gals a better insight to the 100 Day Plan to see if its the right plan of action for you!

DID YOU KNOW – Each 100 Day Plan is designed specifically FOR YOU. No two plans are the same, as no two people are the same.

DID YOU KNOW – Each of the workout plans are, again, designed specifically for YOU. To fit into/around your lifestyle, your work life, your family life and your social life!

DID YOU KNOW – The 100 Day Plan is perfect for ANYONE! Due to the fact that each plan is totally customised to the users goal, whether its for a total beginner, someone wanting to get into photoshoot condition or an athlete looking to improve on their performance…. the 100 Day Plan IS RIGHT FOR YOU!

DID YOU KNOW – If you take out the fully supported plan, you get 24/7 support from your 100 Day Plan coach. Using any form of communication you desire – email, phone, skype. text, whatsapp or even by post!

DID YOU KNOW – For each 100 Day Plan, you will receive a 60 page information pack, a bespoke nutritional plan, bespoke workout plan and access to our “client only” forum and members area (currently in development to launch next month). Here you will get the support of other awesome 100 Day Plan members, as well as access to private workout videos, recipes and educational articles.

Click here to see the 100 Day Plan website

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