10 ways to adapt to Fatherhood

I would firstly like to thank Dan for asking me to write a guest post.

I recently became a father and found the challenges that all new fathers will face. Like anything new in life it is all about adapting. Becoming a father does not mean you will  lose all the hard work you have put in to improve your fitness levels and physique or even stop you from getting that physique you have always wanted. I have come up with 10 ways to ensure you keep or get that ultimate physique.

  1. Use your time wisely before the birth-The time will fly by and you need to make the most of it, as when the baby arrives your life will change. When I found out my son was coming after my holiday I spent a full 10 weeks getting in the best shape of my life. It was my motivation. My views were when the baby gets here, everything to do with finding time to eat, train and sleep will be affected. My picture demonstrates what you can do in 10 weeks.Luke Johnson 10 week transformation
  2. Get your hospital bag ready- have mother’s hospital bag as well as father’s hospital bag. Hospital food is not only expensive but not the best in terms of maintaining a good physique. You may stay overnight or in my case 3 nights in Hospital. Take your protein shake with you, prepare some food that you can eat cold and take a bag of nuts. This will help out while there. You may get a few looks from the misses going on about you and your protein shakes again.

  3. Expect a shock to your body for the first few weeks-Your back will be hurting from the feeding & changing of baby. You may be able to Deadlift 150kg but a 3-4kg baby can pull the strongest of backs. Prevent this by changing the baby as high as possible and feed them on a chair with back support.i know i can do it

  4. Go for a Caloric Deficit- I would suggest for the first 2 weeks (Paternity leave) eat less calories as you will be training less. Planning meals and eating will be a lot harder for you. It is about adjusting and it will take you a few weeks to get into a routine. Think Food for Fuel.

  5. Sleep when baby sleeps– Lack of sleep will increase cortisol levels & reduce testosterone levels. You will find that waking up in the early hours of the morning and looking after a crying baby can take its toll on you. Power Naps will come essential.

  6. Whole Body Approach- Free time is scarce, at least for the first few weeks. Go to whole body resistance routines. Where you may have trained 5 times a week you may only get 2-3 times now. Therefore you go for lower volume per muscle group but a higher frequency and intensity. Check out my Facebook page for some Whole Body Training plans. http://facebook.com/LukeJohnsonPt Add supersets, tri sets, drop sets, circuits to raise the intensity and hit all the body parts sufficiently under 60 minutes.
  7. Family support- They will want to help out & see the baby. Let them, it gives you time for a sleep, a quick workout. Go for a quick High Intensity Interval Training session.

  8. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail– This one is not just for those who are fathers this is important for everyone. I would say even more so for new fathers. When you have free time, go food shopping (have a list already) cook meals & freeze what’s possible. Plan your workouts and make them short and intense, as mentioned above.

  9. Go to 3 large meals a day- This will reduce the amount of food prep time and time taken eating food. There is no difference between the amount of calories you will burn digesting 2500 calories in 6 meals then 2500 calories in 3 meals.

  10. At home cardio circuits- This way you can stay at home and still get a cardio workout in. You do not need a lot of room to perform some burpees, shadow boxing, even running up the stairs. Go for HIIT, saves time, improves fitness levels and creates a metabolic effect.


Written by…

Luke Johnson

Luke Johnson My name is Luke Johnson and if you didn’t just get it from the post I am recently a father. I am 26 years of age and currently work in a college as a Fitness Lecturer. I am a Personal Trainer in South East London and recently started my own online consultancy service. My goals are to get on a big fitness magazine front cover with my top off like Mr Wheeler. My ethos is, show me the scientific proof, let me try it on myself and then let me get results for my clients. If you would like to keep in contact with me, give me a follow on twitter @LukeJohnsonPT or like my Facebook page

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